Hair Density

Hair loss can occur in a variety of forms. It could be bald patches, thinning edges, or just general thinning. Whatever way it manifests, it is a distressing situation. Both men and women that suffer this change experience a loss in self-esteem and desperately scramble for whatever remedy they think will work. From herbal supplements to hair transplant surgeries, people will try whatever they can to get back their luscious locks.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is an innovative solution for hair loss that works to conceal the problem. The truth is that a lot of hair loss cases cannot be easily resolved. Many involve a genetic component that is difficult to overcome, no matter the treatment choice.

What Is Diffuse Hair Thinning?

Generally speaking, it refers to the shedding or thinning of hair all over the scalp. Other types of hair loss tend to be concentrated in bald patches or thinning around the hairline. Alopecia Universalis is the most extreme type that results in complete hair loss all over the body.

With diffuse thinning, sufferers will experience a condition known as Telogen Effluvium. This is when hair strands detach from the follicle and no new hair growth occurs as a replacement. As more hair follicles drop off, you then notice that more of your scalp is evident. There is greater contrast between the scalp and hair, especially when hair is dark-colored.

There are several possible causes for diffuse thinning including stress, hormonal changes, and menopause. Medical conditions like diabetes and thyroid imbalances can also contribute. A medical investigation is often needed to pinpoint the cause, but even then there may be no effective cure to be found. This is where you will find SMP to be of use.

How SMP Helps?

Hair Density

SMP is not a cure, but it is a highly effective cosmetic concealment. By implanting organic black pigments into the scalp, the appearance of natural hair follicles is given. The contrast between the scalp and hair is reduced, creating a wonderful illusion of a full head of hair.

This treatment can be done without shaving your head. That means you can still retain your long locks as we work on covering up the appearance of the bare scalp. Once the density work is done, you will find that your scalp is no longer as noticeable and your hair should do a good job of completing the natural look.

It can require up to 4 sessions, of 1-6 hours each. It is a fairly painless procedure whose results can last as much as 3-5 years before you may need a touch-up.

This cosmetic procedure initially began as a form of medical tattooing for patients that had suffered hair loss due to conditions like cancer. Now, we offers it to whoever is suffering hair loss that would benefit from the use of this solution.

Those with diffuse thinning can gain much relief from SMP. It allows them to appear healthier with a fuller head of hair. They can then work on resolving whatever health issue that could be the cause of their hair loss, with less stress. If the condition should unfortunately progress, we may recommend a full SMP treatment. This involves shaving the head so the full scalp can be worked on. It is a more comprehensive approach that will help completely even out the appearance of hair follicles throughout the scalp and allow easy maintenance of a buzz cut look.