SMP For Scars

We know that scarring can impact your appearance and confidence. Scalp Micropigmentation was not originally developed to treat scars, but its usefulness as a treatment to conceal FUE, FUT hair transplant scars, and trauma scars can be life changing, often boosting one’s self confidence. Scalp micropigmentation scar camouflage is very effective.

Scalp Micropigmentation for scars is nothing short of astonishing. SMP is the simplest, quickest and the most cost-effective solution to fix scars. It can solve a big scar problem in just hours. It does an excellent job in the majority of cases on disguising the scars so well that they are undetectable by the eye. See Scar Gallery.

SMP for hair transplant clients is growing in acceptance.

In spite of using state-of-the-art techniques, hair transplant surgery is not perfect. Many people find themselves in a position where their transplant scars cause them more anxiety than their hair loss did. Surgeons are still faced with challenges that prevent the achievement of optimal results.

The 4 most common problems seen in hair transplantation are as follows:

1. Hard to conceal scars

2. Accurately predicting the final extent of hair loss

3. Significant scarring in both the donor and recipient zones

4. Lack of donor hair to create a hairline and full scalp coverage

SMP For Scars

Scalp micropigmentation can be a valuable option for individuals who have a depleted donor supply and who cannot simply get the final results they need.

SMP can be used to conceal the contrast between the transplanted hair and the scalp giving the appearance of a fuller head of hair. It can help to greatly reduce the visibility of any scar by replicating hair follicles on the scar and make it blend in seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

How old should a Scar be before getting SMP?

You should never apply SMP to a scar earlier than 6 months, BUT if you can wait 1 year, as I would suggest you do, better results can be obtained. Many scars need to “flatten out” so when the ink is applied into the skin it does not fade or migrate under the skin as the scar is maturing.

If scalp scars have left you feeling self-conscious about your appearance, let us help you.

Don’t suffer in silence any longer, let us give you your confidence back.